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Respond to the Classmate’s Discussion (below) as you would in a

face-to face class by stating why you agree and asking questions

pertaining to the discussion.

Discussion 1 (Kelly)

The work I do now is a perfect example of this scenario. It is almost serendipitous
getting this example. I am currently doing a stretch assignment for a location that had
no leadership for a long while. All but one of the workers were new and established
bad habits early on. I have always been pretty uptight about following rules and
policies. When I came in, I was prepared to reign with an iron fist. I even have written
documentation for verbal warnings about tardiness, absenteeism, language on the
sales floor, and just their overall attitude towards my boss and the company. She
never allowed me to present them. After about a month, I began to get to know each
person individually. I came to understand their story and home life. I realized their
backgrounds made them really rough around the edges. Some are young taking care
of parents instead of living young adult lives. Some have truly come from abusive
homes and are young trying to make it, but not mature for the life they’re trying to
live. They have come to really love me being there, and even attempted to change
some of their bad habits simply for me. The problem is the bad habits still exist, but I
understand the human side of a stressful life spilling over into your work life. Some
have mental health issues that surface all the time. On the other hand, I have a boss
that needs her business to run the right way, and I am always stuck between a rock
and a hard place. I do believe they deserve understanding, probably because I am
more passionate about human service. For my supervisor’s side, her focus is business-
oriented, and those are things that need to be left out of the selling environment. So,
when she asks me to report on certain issues, I have a hard time now, because I do
not want to see anyone lose their job. At the end of the day though, my ethical and
professional obligation is to my employer.

While I know this is not as serious as gang-related activity, it helps me to understand
the dilemma of ethical obligation and the desire to honor your trusting relationship
with people. I feel that the mission of the organization was to implement a program
that seeks to redirect a way of life for these youth. Violence-prevention programs, to
me, look deeper at the community that violent youth have been subjected to and
lived in all their lives. Often this behavior is deeply psychological and breeds from
untreated mental health issues. It makes sense that the police are looking to fulfill
their legal responsibilities to eliminate crime and criminal from the community, but
most actions have a deeper reason. I have come to learn that even in the industry I
currently work in

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