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Title: Tattoos as Form of Art

Subject: This presentation will focus on Polynesian tattoos as a form of art.

Create an annotated bibliography for the Art Appreciation Project (Tattoos as Form of Art). In addition to the source identified in the attached Art Appreciation Project Outline, you will find four additional scholarly or academic sources for a total of five. These sources will be the building blocks for your presentation, so be sure to spend time searching for sources, reading critically, and evaluating the relevance of each source.

For each source, provide the following.

· The APA style reference

· A one-paragraph summary of the relevant sections of the article written in your own words.

· A one-paragraph assessment of its overall quality and relevance to your presentation topic

Should be Scholarly or academic articles.

Running head: Art Appreciation


Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation

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Presentation outline

I. Title: Tattoos as Form of Art

II. Thesis: Although tattoos are mostly considered as merely a representation of memory or someone that holds special meaning in one’s life or form of self-expression, just like art they are they have a communicative purpose, they created from some level of creativity and they are mimesis due to their nature of re-presenting something.

III. Subject: This presentation will focus on the Polynesian tattoos as a form of art. This type style will help understand tattoos as a form of art, particularly due to their ability to make direct statements, communicative ability through expressing emotions such as respect or affection to a significant person in one’s life, their different creativity skills as well as mimesis ability. In addition, it will help understand the origins of tattoos in different cultures and their artistic nature.

IV. Scope of Research: Have already known that tattoos make direct statements and through this, they typically represent someone or something significant in one’s life. Tattooing generally was practiced and deeply ingrained in almost every culture, for instance, the Maori people in the New Zealand, who made a facial mask-like tattoo known as Moko, which represented the Ethnographer’s story. In terms of Polynesian tattoos, I know that this style was full of distinctive signs, which expressed the Polynesian’s personality and identity. I also know that the Samoan and the Maori tattoos are the most used and significant styles of the Polynesia tattoos today, based on what is seen on the media.

However, I would like to understand deeper the historical context of Polynesian tattoos styles and how the art of tattooing come into this culture. I would also want to understand the meaning behind different Polynesian tattoos designs and how they varied depending on the groups. I would also like to know how the Polynesian tattoos have evolved throughout the history and if they still carry on their traditions.

V. Scholarly Source: Sparks, R. W. (1965). 
Polynesian tattooing: the techniques, iconography, patronage, profession, and esthetics (Doctoral dissertation, [Honolulu]).

This is old significant source, which provides broader information of the Polynesian tattoos. It tell the social, technical and the esthetic aspects of this style of tattoos. It provides with the historical context of the Polynesian Tattoos and provides different pattern or

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