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Week two project. For the week to project, you are going to be writing a two-page occupational interests self-assessment where you’re going to talk about your occupational interests and your personality type. You will be taking two assessments, the Holland code career assessment and the 16 personalities, assess it and talk about how they match up with your future career goals. You will also be creating or updating a current resume and cover letter, cover letter for the career you have in mind after you graduate. So there’s two parts to this assignment. And the first part, it’s your personality self-assessment, the actual two-page paper. So after you take the Holland code and the 16th personalities test, you’re going to answer those assignment questions that are in the assignment area. First it says, please think about your occupational interests, your personality characteristics, and your skills. How well do your personality characteristics match up with your anticipated career? Are there aspects of your personality? They make your career choices or not, and what are some of the challenges of your eventual career? Then you’re also going to talk about based on your personality results, what are your strengths and weaknesses? So the results will actually give you a list of strengths and weaknesses. So talk about those. And how can knowing more about your career personality based off of the Harlem code and the 16 personality assessment. How can knowing more about that help you hone your skills in anticipation of your career choice. And then you’re also going to discuss how knowing more about you, your job interests and your personality type can help you with your job searches, resume building, cover letter writing, and interviewing.

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