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you read an article about Interventions with a specific cultural group at the beginning of the semester

and earned about additional cultural groups from vour base group members. Choose one cultural group that you learned about and share at least three considerations when using interventions with this group

You are working with a college student with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. Describe how you would determine the top and bottom of their Zone of Proximal Development for the task of managing their coursework and study time. Then, describe how you would use the concept of scaffolding to help them improve this skill.

Define Plaget’s ‘schemes’ In your own words. When working with a client with Alcohol Use Disorder, what might be part of the client’s ‘schemes’ surrounding alcohol? How might you help the client change those schemes as part of your work with them?

Define the process of extinction in vour own words. How could you utilize this concept to desienan intervention with a cent who wants to reduce their level of anxiety around setting blood drawn? Please be specific 

You are working with a client with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who is attempting to reduce their compulsion of excessive handwashing, Give an example or how you could use positive reinforcement to help them change the behavior, and an example of how vou could use negative punishment. What schedule of reinforcement would vou use and why?

How could the concept of reciprocal determinism (also called reciprocal causation) impact a client’s success (or lack of success) with increasing how often they exercise? Make sure you discuss all three

parts of the theory

You are working with a client who comes to see you in therapy each week but does not seem to be motivated to change. They don’t complete homework assignments that you ask them to do, and don’t seem to have changed their behâviors since they started seeing you. What are at least three ways you could use motivational interviewing to explore this with the client and help move them to a place of change?

You have learned about three therapeutic interventions this semester through your small group presentations (flooding, behavioral activation, and assertiveness skills). Choose one intervention and

explain how it fits with specific course material

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